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  • As Holland's largest export consultancy, Export Partner has been serving companies that want to expand internationally since 2002. We offer everything from business development to trade missions and market research to online marketing:ith all the necessary expertise in house, Export Partner is your partner in international business.
  • We are known for our hands-on mentality. After all, export success is all about strategy, building long-term relationships, but more importantly, it's also about doing. The world is our playing field and our approach is universal. Nonetheless, we look at each new project with a fresh view and always work in a customized approach. Because no two businesses are the same. No market is the same. And every product has its own unique potential.
  • The Nederlandse Export Combinatie was the driving force behind "Nederland Exportland" and organized the first trade trips as early as the 1950s. Read more about the special history of the Nederlandse Export Combinatie here.

your export goal, our mission
70 jaar

Netherlands Business Support Offices


The NEC has not stood still in the meantime either and collaborates with the Embassy and Consulate General network, Netherlands Business Support Offices (NBSOs) and the Chambers of Commerce. In addition, the NEC will be working exclusively for the Rijksdienst Voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO). A great collaboration, because even today NEC/Export Partner still works closely with the RVO!

lucasbolwerk export partner


Export Partner is growing! The first physical office of Export Partner is opened at Lucasbolwerk in the center of Utrecht. With a team of about 5 people they work on expanding the business of several clients abroad.



The team of Export Partner grows and so does the company in Utrecht. In 2012 Export Partner continues to grow where their current location is becoming too small and therefore moves to the Spoorlaan in Bilthoven.
At the same time, the NEC extended its cooperation with the Rijksdienst Voor Ondernemend Nederland (Dutch government agency for the entrepreneurial sector) with an official framework contract for a period of 4 years. This means that the NEC will work on behalf of the government on various international projects.


Export Partner’s go-getter mentality is starting to become a phenomenon in the Dutch business world. The team of Export Partner now consists of more than 10 employees and therefore Export Partner moves to the office where we are still located today, our office at the Emmalaan in Baarn.

Stand The Netherlands pavilion Export Partner


For the next 4 years, the NEC is again the partner of the RVO in the field of international trade missions and exhibitions.


In 2019, the time has come! The acquisition of the NEC is a fact and will be part of Export Partner. With this, Export Partner expands the range of services from business development and account management, among others, to include trade missions and trade shows.

Online marketing- Export Partner- Onze online marketing diensten


Over the years Export Partner’s range of services has expanded. Nowadays, online marketing cannot be missed when expanding the business and strengthening the position in the market. Therefore, as of 2020, the online marketing department of Export Partner was established.
In addition, for the 3rd time in a row, the NEC obtains the framework contract of the RVO to carry out trade missions and trade shows on behalf of the government.

De man met de monsterkoffer


In the early 1950s, the then pickles manufacturer from Drenthe, Lambert Fokkema was traveling through Kenya to promote his products. There Lambert met a Dutch trader in candy, who had an appointment with the same buyer half an hour before him. A waste of time and money Lambert then thought, which has formed the basis for a unique export club like the Dutch Export Combination.

Krantenartikelen NEC


A year later, 4 entrepreneurs put their heads together to increase their export opportunities and with this the Dutch Export Combination (NEC) was officially founded. With Prince Bernhard as ambassador and patron of the Dutch business community. What once started with ‘the man with the sample case’ grew into a worldwide phenomenon in the field of trade missions and fairs.



At this stage, the NEC is a foundation with more than 10 members. International expansion is attractive to companies and the NEC is growing rapidly. The team includes experienced and enthusiastic consultants who have earned their spurs in international business. The number of successful international projects is increasing.

Tijdschriften NEC


Less than 40 years after its founding, the NEC’s membership has grown from 10 to more than 550 members. Through world travelers, trade missions are conducted on behalf of member companies to find agents, importers and distributors abroad and to gather market information for them. Dutch exports have had their peaks and troughs, but the NEC has now firmly established its position in the Dutch business community.

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An important moment takes place in 2002. After years of experience as co-owner of Bakkerij van Diermen, Johan van Diermen starts a company specialised in export; Export Partner. In the preceding years the bakery had developed from a local Spakenburg bakery to a major player in the export of cream puffs. The puffs are now on the shelves in more than 45 countries. From this also follows Export Partner’s goal: to help other companies in their international trade and thus increase their turnover abroad.


International growth starts at Export Partner. Therefore opening offices abroad is crucial for Export Partner’s international ambitions themselves. With the opening of our offices in Germany, China and Japan Export Partner itself also goes international.

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