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Trade Missions

Discovering the World

Gain knowledge and inspiration about a specific market such as China, Chile, Berlin or Senegal? Network at a high level with other participating top companies, suppliers, agents, distributors, potential customers or governments? Export Partner organizes several trend tours and inbound and outbound trade missions each year, all aimed at opening new doors for your organization.

Afrikaanse vrouw in een bloemenkwekerij (DGGF)


Export Partner has been an official framework contractor of the RVO since 2012. For the set-up and organization we therefore work closely with the Dutch government, the Dutch top sectors, industry organizations, local governments, foreign governments and embassies. Thanks to these high quality partners, our years of experience and our priceless network, the quality of the participants, the program and the matchmaking is guaranteed before and during the trip.

In 2020, the Netherlands Export Combination merged into Export Partner. The NEC was the driving force behind ‘Nederland Exportland’ and already organized the first trade trips in the 1950s.

Explore the World

As Export Partner we connect companies with relevant international relations. During the trade missions the parties get the opportunity to get to know each other and learn from each other. With the COVID-19 measures, it is not (has not been) possible to travel and therefore not to organize the trade missions. However, we believe in keeping digital contact with each other is still better than no contact at all. This is how digital trade missions were created that we organize; from digital matchmaking to a full multi-day digital mission.

During a digital mission, just as with an ordinary mission, a program is drawn up based on the delegation’s intakes. The advantage of a digital mission is that more parties can participate in the sessions because there are no limits on space, transportation, etc. The sessions are kept as interactive as possible by, for example, allowing multiple companies to participate in group discussions. Through online tools it is also possible to organize the 1 on 1 conversations. Participants speak in a private environment with their selected match. Digital missions are generally experienced as positive even though they cannot fully replace physical missions.