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Coaching and Consultancy


Are we targeting the right countries, sales channels and customers?
What are the trends internationally within our segment and what strategy is working? What about competition abroad? How should we structure our organization for optimal export success?

Doing business internationally offers opportunities, but also leads to new issues. Specific challenges which require a deeper market knowledge and export know-how. Export Partner assists organizations, entrepreneurs and managers in solving these issues. Through personal coaching or concrete advice.

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  • Discuss with us new markets, channels, products.
  • What are the pitfalls and what are the best practices? Fairs, subsidies, trade missions?
  • Export structuring: what does your organization need, for example in terms of people? And what is the impact on production capacity, product development, or processes and systems used?
  • During the export development and growth of your company, we will help your organization with everything it encounters.

how does coaching/consulting work?

Together with our export and business development experts we will help you with everything that comes your way. 

We will discuss your (international) ambitions and goals in order to achieve them. Do you want to know where and how you can do international business? Or are you already doing so, but you need advice? Our experts will be happy to help you!

Have you ever thought about the different cultures, the language barriers and various laws and regulations? This is also important for international business!