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At Export Partner, a dedicated export team goes to work for your organization, on your behalf. From market research to hands-on acquisition, our team, led by an experienced export manager, takes the whole commercial export work off your hands, so your business can continue to grow.

Focus is the magic word.


Your export team ensures continuity and offers flexibility through our bundled expertise. Thanks to our international sales experience and deep market knowledge, we have access to an international business network. Concretely bringing in foreign customers is the ultimate goal, with the emphasis on long-term relationships and thus sustainable results. Count on a structural approach based on our three modules: Export Challenge, Export Plan and Export Execution.

Klanten- Export Partner


We are known for our hands-on mentality. Export success is about research, strategy and building long-term relationships, but most of all it’s about actually doing it. The world is our playground and our approach is universal. Yet we look at each new project with fresh eyes and always work in a customized way. No company is the same. No market is the same. And every product has its own unique potential.

way of working

  • Module 1: Export Challenge

    A reality check: what is the current state of play within your organization and what is the export potential? In which fields does your organization excel and what are the bottlenecks? Which countries and which types of customers offer opportunities? And, which steps are needed to get started?

  • Export Partner Account Management

    Module 2: Export Plan

    Export Partner develops a route-to-market plan. A pragmatic plan based on thorough market research in which we determine countries, sales channels, products, potential customers, the entry strategy and a cost estimate. And of course with collective goals and milestones.

  • Module 3: Export Sales Execution

    Tangible acquisition. Starting with a sales pitch and the first telephone contact, up to the provision of sampling and making offers. Visiting the client and negotiating the deal is also included.