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Account management


The acquisition has started, the first conversations have taken place and one of your targets decides to include your product in the range; the first foreign turnover becomes a fact! This means a lot of work; from filling out the various forms to drawing up an account plan. Account management becomes an important role in this phase.
We do account management on an interim basis or as a logical continuation of our business development process. With our years of experience in various countries, sectors and sales channels, we can seamlessly take over existing international accounts and guide them to the desired export goal.


Account management means thinking along with the client, creating opportunities and intensifying commercial ties. This includes the development of new products and packaging, thinking about price promotions and the development of marketing campaigns. This also includes creating account plans, price negotiations and conducting annual interviews.

A role that Export Partner is well placed to fulfil, as the initial contacts have been made by the Export Partner team and the meetings have taken place at the new client with you and our export manager. The initial trust has been gained and gives a good basis for managing the client.

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