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Entering a new market without risk

Many entrepreneurs find the move abroad to grow too challenging or involve too much risk. Understandable, of course, there is a lot involved. Which market strategy is best suited? Does my product or service have a chance of success? Through which channels can I distribute my product and what price should I charge?

”A Go-To-Market Strategy is a strategic plan that describes the steps needed to ensure that your product or service succeeds in a new market.”

In cooperation with a partner in Germany, we offer a Go-To-Market Strategy as a service. This allows you as an entrepreneur to gauge the potential of your product or service in a new market in an approachable way, a test to see the chances of success. It is, in fact, a detailed marketing plan specifically aimed at a product or service. This plan should be as comprehensive as possible but flexible enough to adjust in the meantime following feedback.

The Go-To-Market-Strategy describes the ‘Why’ of the product or service to be launched, who the buyer is and how we can keep engaging the consumer to buy it. It also allows you to see all the challenges to give the target audience an even better experience and build trust.

Curious about the potential of your product or service in another country or want an orientation? Schedule an introductory meeting by mailing to [email protected] | +31 (0)30 – 293 64 75.