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Almost in at Billa

Every month, Guido Jacobs and Pepijn van der Heijden of Export Partner write columns in the magazine ‘FoodPersonality’. This magazine is a platform by and for people working in the supermarket sector or connected as suppliers. Guido and Pepijn alternate as columnists on interesting and relevant topics in the supermarket sector. They tell their stories and give their views on ‘exporting Dutch food products’.

In the June edition of FoodPersonality, Pepijn van der Heijden wrote a column about potential cooperation with supermarket Billa in Austria. Billa is part of Rewe, Germany’s number-two supermarket chain. In Austria, Billa has 1,300 shops and 800 shops in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Bulgaria. It operates with three formula variants:

Billa – full-service formula with emphasis on local products and facilities;
Billa Plus – hypermarket with a large range, many freshly prepared delicatessen and meals;
Billa Corso – small branches in large city centres with a premium assortment.

Find out how the phone conversation with Billa went in the full column here.

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