Exporting with heart and soul

At Export Partner we believe in ‘inspired’ export businesses: connecting with customers in the spirit of the business. Last February a number of our Export Managers attended the BIOFACH fair in Nuremberg. Worldwide, it’s the largest fair for organic food and non-food products. Speaking to many of the businesses and customers at the fair it was abundantly clear what inspired them to set up a business. Often it was simply the desire to produce and/or sell better and healthier food that drove them to start their businesses. The organic market has grown substantially in recent years and many small start-ups have since become major companies. For owners of these companies it is also important for them to constantly remind themselves about what originally inspired them to set up their businesses.



You often also encounter the same development at businesses which are seasoned exporters. The excitement and the enthusiasm of the first foreign order and the personal relationship with the customer make way for targets, equanimity and Excel files with margins. Customers become debtor numbers and there remains little space for innovation and entrepreneurship. Before you know it the customers are difficult, the margins disappear and only meetings are held to discuss export. We believe exporting is a verb. Moreover, an active verb: you have to do it and you will have to visit the customer to stay in contact.

If you’ve been doing business together for many years a visit may seem superfluous but it’s specifically at that stage that personal contact is important. At Export Partner we do everything possible to remain inspired and attentive and to avoid falling into a system-based way of thinking. We continue to challenge ourselves and our clients – because once you lose the passion then you also lose the shortest line to the consumer’s heart.

Johan van Diermen
CEO Export Partner