Is your middle name ‘sales’?

Export is a specialist field and is not suited to everyone. Export Partner is also growing rapidly and that’s why we’re on the lookout for export talent. Go-getters who like to look and think beyond borders.

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Growth is good

At Export Partner we achieve growth for our clients and development for each other wherever we can because without personal development there’s no professional development. You have to do what you’re good at. That’s why we offer every opportunity for you to develop your talent and why we work in small teams so there’s sufficient attention for each other. We also organise development days on a regular basis when we set all of our work to one side in order to clearly define our personal SWOT with the help of leading trainers and help each other achieve our personal dreams. Why? Because we can. That’s why.

We, Export

At Export Partner we like to work as a team of partners. After all, we are called Export Partner. Our organisation consists of small autonomous teams and each team is responsible for a number of clients. That’s how we provide you with professional support and our clients with continuity.

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Our headquarters

Centre of the Netherlands

Export Partner regularly works with clients on site however our main place of work is at our headquarters on the Emmalaan in Baarn. Our office is located at what is perhaps the most central location in the whole of the Netherlands and can be easily reached via the A1, A27 and A28 motorways. The station, the woodlands and the centre of Baarn are all within walking distance.

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Export Partner employs the best sales specialists in the Netherlands. Export go-getters who like to work hard. People who can identify and create opportunities. People who understand the market, target groups, strategy and cultural differences. People who, above all, are not afraid to follow their intuition. Are you an entrepreneur? If so, we’d like to meet you!

Current Vacancies